Saturday, July 30, 2005

Jedi Siri

Jedi Siri is hitting on Anakin which is really gross. She's way to young for him. Man I hate Wookies. I didnt even know they drank beer, theres nothing worse that a drunk wookie except maybe for a drunk Dooku. (who knows what he does when hes drunk.)

Finally Obi-Wan is back to normal I was kind of tired of hearing his Plooendnjgugf all day long.
Wait, whats that noise? Hold on I think Jeri is ripping up Yoda's houseshoes again..............................
Jeri ripped up my TEDDY BEAR! What did the teddy bear every do to you Jeri? *****sobs*****
well now I have to go put jeri in time out.

BAD JERI!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Sorry Anakin but you were the one who threw the wild party so I assumed it was you and your wookie friends.

I think Obi-Wan hit his head again, he shure is talking funny. Man every time Yoda hit's my head with something Im still pretty whell normal, except for the urge I get to pay Yoda back, but Obi-Wan starts talking funny and can barely drive for a week, and when he gets hit he has hair to protect his head I dont.

Or maybe he didnt hit his head at all maybe he did drink all the beer in the fridge. Man Aayla we need to have another wild party because that was awesome. Expecially before we get all the new younglings this year.

Who agrees with me?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

So Far...

So far since I got back from Tattooine I had a really boreing council meeting , Im talkin really boreing i actually fell asleep, our TV was broken so we didnt get to watch our shows so all we did was sit and listen to Yoda read some parenting book from Dr.Phil whay a parenting book I really dont want to know heck, were not even aloud to fall in love what makes him think were ever going to be parents.

Then I really needed a beer to keep me awake and i went to the fridge because I know Anakin went to the store this morning and bought about 13 cases of beer but I opened the fridge door and guess what I saw (actually didnt see) NO BEER! Anakin blammed it all on Obi-Wan but even Obi-Wan cant drink 13 cases of beer in 4 hours, I mean get real. So I had to go to the store and buy more beer and when I had got home Anakin had invited a few Wookies over Oh when I said a few I ment about 25 wookies, they trashed the whole house oh and when Yoda walked in the door he was not green oh no he was just the opposite he was RED! (I dont know how colors have opposites but you get the idea.

then tonight finally some fun Sabe and I and Sabe's other friend went to see War Of The Worlds for the secound time man that movie was great Im for shure going to buy it. Well I have to go help Yoda finish unloading the dishwasher you know how he cant reach the shelves.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Im Back

Hey Guys whats been going on for the past week? Did I miss anything interesting? Thank You so much barriss offee for taking care of Jeri well I cant talk long because I have to go to the council meeting well Ill try to post longer tomorrow, bye!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Here we Go

Well Im off to Tatooine till Friday so dont expect any updates in my blog. And Im taking my bear and he will be strapped to the top of my head the whole time.

OH MY GOSH! Jeri who's going to take care of him while I'm gone just about everyone else is going, oh no well I have to go find Jeri a place to stay.

I promise I will post as soon as I get back.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Lost and Found!

Thank- You so much Padme you found my bear, You get a lifetime supply of Fudge Brownies.

Wow, I went and rented three movies last night, "Shall We Dance", "Taxi", and "Cellular', and I saw these trading card packages and they said Star Wars on them so I bought 1 and I went and stood in line to pay and I noticed Sabe walking out the door with a package in her hand too. Well after I jumped in to my speeder I opened them and I read the bottom of the first one and it said Mace Windu so I look up at the Picture and it was me, woah, I also got one with Padme on it and man what has she been eating because she gained a lot of wait? But the weird thing is I dont remember Posing for all these shots.

Ok Monday I am going to that Survivor thing with many of the other Jedi and I wont have a chance to post untill Friday but when I get back I will tell you all about it.

-Wish me luck-

Wednesday, July 13, 2005



Brown Teddy Bear, Black button eyes and stubby tail.
If found please call 555-0165 ask for Mace Windu.

Lifetime supply of FREE Fudge


I made about 200 signs just like this and I posted them on every planet and everything you can think of.

Umm Aayla I dont think your Aunt broke your sink I think it was Sabe and Padme.
I guess you cant get out of your house Aayla untill Obi-Wan gets out of the hospitial and comes to save you.

Oh wait yeah he's already at your house isnt he?

Sabe, Jeri is not only a girl name havent you ever heard of Tom and Jerry, Jerry is a Guy but hes also a icky cat.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


He finally got a blog. Ok That gay seeing-eye monkey thing was stupid I mean what Idiot would fall for that.

I still havent found teddy. **cries**

I think Im going to make Lost Teddy Bear Posters and give a reward if you find him. Thanks Aayla for helping me clean the house. Jeris doing fine by the way, Yesterday we went to the park and played a game of fetch well I have to go to my Council meeting.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Shure Jawajuice it sounds like fun. Have you seen Aayla's aunt man is she scarry looking. oh Yeah I have a few days without Obi-Wan because he's at the hospitial and Yoda is still building something in the backyard so the only one I ever see is Aaakin and he is usually off with Padme doing I dont want to know what.

Well Im pretty shure Aayla is at the hospitial with Obi-Wan she cried like gallons of tears and almost flooded the waiting room, so now I get to steal her little bath soaps yay.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Jeri did it

Thank God I havent seen Yoda around lately because he would kill Jeri if he saw the house. Aayla is comming over later and helping me clean. I found where Jeri's bathroom is, it's under Yoda's bed. Kinda funny but if Yoda sees it Jeri is dead.

Aayla im suprised you didnt reconize that cat Im pretty shure it belongs to Dooku. Jeri hates that cat he tried to kill it. He chased it for about 2 hours.

Well stand clear of that cat because he's trouble.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My Dog's new name

I kinda like that name Jeri it seems to fit his hair. So for now that is his name. Sabe suggested Jackie Brown but that name sounded familiar so I searched it on google and that guy looks just like me it was so creepy. Well the first thing Jeri did when I got him home was pee on the living room couch but dont tell Yoda. Jeri doesnt like Obi-Wan eaither but I dont blame him. Obi-Wan picked Jeri's bowl up to give him some more water and Jeri almost bit Obi-Wan's arm off, too bad he didnt.

Monday, July 04, 2005

My New Pet!

I got a new dog, atleast I think its a dog. Well last night it was the fourth of July so Yoda, Anakin, Padme, Sabe, and I flew out to the country and set off our own fireworks, Obi-Wan didnt come because he went with Aayla of course. But I was setting them off and every single one that was set off scared the crap out of Padme it was so funny. I even almost hit her with a bottle rocket because the bottle fell over, but then all of the sudden I saw this dog and he was scared to death so I picked him up put him in the speeder and we drove home.

I havent givin him a name yet any suggestions?

Here is a picture of him (type the following in your address bar)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Obi-Wan and Aayla

Obi-Wan said he almost ran over an Ewok this morning and then he said he was going to show Aayla I bet they will secreatly get married and adopt it, ha ha ha.

Well today I watched Hot Chick that movie is so funny. And then I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up I was wearing Obi-Wan's bra. I bet Anakin did it and how did I know it was Obi-Wan's because Aayla said he wore a pink and black striped bra wich is very creepy so I threw it in the trash can.

Aayla did you ever get a new lightsabor for when Jabba the Butt sat on it? Because I have an extra one and it's green. Sabe and I are going to see War Of The Worlds together I cant wait because I have been wanting to see that movie and I heard Aayla has already seen it. Is JarJar still in your fish tank Aayla cause if he is that's kind of weird.

Still havent heard much from Yoda but I constantly hear Nailing and sawing and drilling comming from the back yard. Well Im going to go play myself on Lego star wars on my X-BOX now.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

I dont know what to call this post.

Sorry Padme and Sabe but Tom Cruise is getting married, so ha ha to you.

Hmm, I wonder if JarJar is still in Aayla's fish tank how did he get in there anyways? Well I still didnt get to sniff Aayla's little soaps in her guest bathroom oh well. How can she like Obi-Wan? I mean he never changes his underwear, has cheeto crumbs all over his face, I hate Cheetos, and constantly is drinking beer I mean every time I look at the guy he's drinking. Now if they start kissing thats when Im going to inform Yoda.

Im still kind of creeped out the way Sabe and I have so much in common. She even spends the same amount of time brushing her teeth as I do creepy. She has a blog you know it's new so now one has seen it yet, except me its check it out and give her some comments because she is really bummed that no one ever comments on her blog and she only gets to post a few times a week because Padme is always on sending LOVE letters to Anakin.

Not that I care If Sabe is bummed because no one comments, I mean we dont have anything going on, no way.

I havent heard much From Yoda lately, I really dont want to find out what he's been up to eaither but last week I think he might have said something about a Sandra Bullock statue but I dont know.

Well I have to go take a shower before Obi-Wan does because he always takes up all the hot water.

P.S. I enjoy reading all of your comments!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Sleepover Results

IT WAS AWESOME! I got to see the fishy I gave Aayla. But I lost my teddy bear **cries**

2 hours later!

Oh yeah I got carried away crying and all, uhhh I mean ummm I was beating up Yoda thats right. Ewww at the sleepover at about 4:00 in the morning I walked in Aayla's bedroom to steal some of her clothes and Obi-Wan was cuddled up with Aayla in her bed it scared me so I went in after Obi-Wan woke up and I looked in Aayla's closet and there was Aayla hanging on a hanger, how she got there I dont really want to know, but so I decided to go to her guest bedroom because that bathroom in there has little soaps I like to sniff so I went to sniff some soaps and there was Anakin in the bed cuddled up with Padme, That one I kinda expected.

So I went to see who was still awake and I found JarJar in the fish tank yeah weird. And then Laya started hitting on me I mean she just popped up outta no where but I got Fluke to handle her for me. So I went to see who else was awake and I found Sabe on the couch watching Titanic she said it was her favorite movie wich is really weird cause it was mine to then she said she liked my fudge I didnt think anyone actually got to eat any of it but then she told me fudge was her favorite food wich is really weird cause it's mine to then I was going to show her some moves with my lightsabor and as soon as I pulled it out she said "Ooooo Purple my favorite color" witch is really weird because it was my favorite color. I dont know but it was really weird.

Then I went and sat down with Yoda And we drank some beer and he didnt say a word but he kept glancing over at me it kind of creeped me out. Then I went to looked for my teddy bear but I didnt find it **sob**. So then I sat down in front of the fish tank in Aayla's new purple leather chair and I dozed off. Then the next morning when everyone was awake we all started to get hungry but we didnt have any food because it was all thrown at eachother and then licked off the walls and the floor by Anakin and Obi-Wan so I shouted " Let's go to I HOP my treat" so I spent about 2,847 credits at I HOP.

Then everyone went home and went to sleep again.