Sunday, August 28, 2005


Aayla is stalking me, She says I have an evil twin that is something about myself that I didnt even know.

Anakin you forgot all the little kids you slaughtered, not that I really feel bad for them they were really annoying. And if you are late to my class one more time then I will suspend you from your lightsaber and give you extra homework.

And the extra homework wont be fun. It will be something like............. do a good deed for everyone you know or atleast the following people.....

Shaak Ti
Padme's Body Guard
Barriss Offee
and the worst of all.............

so dont be late again or you are going to have to do 12 good deeds wich is a record for you Anakin Thomas Skywalker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Concert #3 and 4

It was ok Im mad because Anakin won a CD and I wanted it, But concert #4 was awesome, the drummer broke his drumsticks and threw them to people and Aayla got on Im mad at her for that, Shaak Ti had a pretty good time ( i think) we went out to eat after concert 4, and we had a great time.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Concert #2

Concert #1 was better, and yes Fluke I MACE WINDU is going to a hard metal rock concert! Do you want a ticket or not? There are still 2 more left the people going as of now are.....
Shaak Ti

An I saw Aayla there last night I guess she bought her own ticket, but I didnt see Obi-Wan, hmm, odd for Aayla to go anywhere without Obi-Wan.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Concert #1

It was awesome thaey gave away tons of free stuff, and I bought a CD and I won 2 CD's, There's still 2 more tickets up for grabs and Im shure Obi and Aayla probally want them but if one of them doesnt call em both then the nex person to post gets them!

Teddy, and uh other stuff!

I finally finished sewing Teddy back together, Im so happy. Anakin if you are reading this stop right now and go work on that paper its due tomorrow and with a topic like "Make a list Of All The People You Have Slaughtered" You cant be finished already.

The Other day I took Shaak Ti over and showed her my garden I created, and the new fruits I discovered (wich you dont know about) but as we left she acted like I was stupid and didnt notice a factory making fruits that looked just like the ones I discovered, behind my garden, Whats up with that?

Im sick of Anakin complaning about my class everyone else seems to enjoy it besides I didnt force him to sign up for my class he did that on his own. Im going to some hard metal rock concerts this week, Sunday night through Wednesday night and I bought only 7 tickets, one for me, one for Shaak Ti, and 5 extras ( 1 ticket gets you in to all 4 concerts ) and the first 5 that post they want one gets one.

Well I have to go, please post for the tickets I payed 700 credits for them and I dont want them going to waste. Oh Crap, I think Jeri just threw-up in Yoda's underwear drawer again. Well I guess I cant blame him for doing it after looking atYoda's underwear, gross.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dooku, Willy Wonka, and Anakin

I went and saw Charlie and the chocolate factory and guess who was in it, besides willy wonka and all the little kids and their parents, DOOKU! He's after Willy Wonka now run Willy run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow Anakin told me to bite him I would love to cause him such pain but I really dont want to put any part of Anakin in my mouth. WHO WOULD? Man we are getting all these new little, gay padawans tomorrow. Man more little kids for Anakin to slaughter.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What the Help!

This morning I went looking for my hair gel but as I walked in to the bathroom I tripped on Yoda's step stool and fell face first in to the bath tub wich was filled with dark brown water, eaither the last person to take a bath was Obi-Wan or someone mistook the bath tub for the toliet again. So I dryed myself off abd then I looked for my hair gel, wich I lef on the counter, but it wasnt there so I opened up the cabnit under the sink and guess what I found.................................................................
BABY WIPES! Wet, soft, smelly, soapy, BABY WIPES! So I searched further and I found BABY POWDER! Powdery, white, flakey, BABY POWDER! Who in the world uses this stuff in my house?

Monday, August 01, 2005


I can just sew him back together myself I took 3 years of sewing classes, uh hem I mean I can ask Yoda to help me and I can use HIS sewing machine. I think Yoda is planing something he keeps creeping around the house and doesnt want anyone to see him I mean Anakin was walking to the bathroom and I was standing in the hallway knowing Yoda was in the bathroom and Anakin walked in and gave Anakin an evil look and then spead out of the bathroom. I think hes been talking to Grevious or something eaither that or practicing for when he joins the dark side. Im scared to sleep anyone want a roomate for a while?

I got a picture of his evil grin! Go Here!