Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Another Par-T

I am having another party, because the other one sucked. And Im sorry for all the people who came to get FREE cookie dough, but you can blame the monkey who was sitting in my freezer eating it all. Well the next sleepover is this Firday night at 6:00. Man I need my own house, Im tired of sharing with Yoda, but i also need a roomate because who knows, Yoda could be lurking outside. Hey ShaakTi wanna buy a house and come live with me?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My almost perfect day!

Well my day was almost perfect, for one our boreing jedi meeting got canceled because somebody stuffed Yoda down the garbage dissposal, probally Anakin (thank-you Ani). Secound I got to kill someone (im not telling who) I tried the underwear thing (i did because ShaakTi told me to)
and I went on a date with Shaak Ti.
All of that was perfect, the thing that made it un perfect was a disturbing picture of me found on the enternet, but I really dont want to share it with you, atleast not today.
Angermanagement class students a new assignment has been posted please make shure you get it done. Man Im suprised at Anakin, He is my top student, he doesnt have the higest grade but he has done every single assignment that ever existed the first time i told him to, he has never done an assignment late, he gets 100's on almost all of his assignments. Man this is the side of Anakin not very many people know about. Keep up the good work Young Skywalker.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Man and I just updated my blog, Curse you Anakin!!!!! If you didnt red my last post which I posted just yesterday please read it.

10 years ago I was
-? years old
-still a jedi master
-Dreading my years ahead with Yoda
-Still Hott

5 years ago I was
-? years old
- still a jedi master
-Dreading my years ahead with Yoda
-Still Hott
-A Full House Fan

1 year ago I was
-? years old
-still a jedi master
-Dreading my years ahead with Yoda
-Still Hott
-A Full House Fan
-Loved the color Purple

Yesterday I was
-? years old
-still a jedi master
-Dreading my years ahead with Yoda
-Still Hott
-A Full House Fan
-Loved the color purple
-Buying tickets for Elizabethtown for Friday
-Day dreaming about Shaak Ti

5 Snacks I enjoy the most
-Anything Chocolate
-Ice Cream

5 Songs i know the Words to
-Your Body
-My Humps
-Save Your Kisses For Me
-The Man You Love

5 Idea Places for running away to
-My Mommy's House
-My Granny's house
-Shaak Ti's House
-Under my Bed

5 Items you will NEVER see me wear
- a speedo
-a bikini
-anything pink
-high heels

5 biggest joys in life
-Shaak Ti
-My Blog
-Full House
-Jeri (my dog)

3 favorite toys
-My Compurter
-My Lightsabor
-Shaak Ti's .......uhhhhh...

5 Tags
-Shaak Ti

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Who is this guy?

I mean really how does a guy like this get so many girls' attention? Its crazy, what do they all see in him? He is just every where, What has he done that is so special and leads all the girls to him instead of me? I mean really come on what does he have that I dont? (Leia you can not anwser that question) Seriously I played in a movie too, so did Yoda (but who could ever love yoda) Anakin (no comment) Obi-Wan ( i'll let Aayla anwser that one) We are all considered "Actors". Aren't any of us "HOT" (well me atleast). Im going to get to the bottom of this, I am going to create a survey and ask girls why they like this "Orlando Bloom" and then Im going to have a talk with Orlando myself and see if i can get any tips on how he attracks girls. Well I guess I better get started.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Who wants cookies?

Well the other day this little girl dressed in green came up to me and asked if I wanted to buy some cookie dough, so I asked her what kind and she handed me a paper with the different kings and an order form.

So I put 10 buckets of chocolate chip because I wanted to have a party, but I misunderstood and put 10 buckets under every flavor and there are 10 flavors, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Sugar, blueberry, strawberry, coconut, oatmeal, shortbread, and thin mint.

So now all of you arnt only going to come to my sleepover party Friday October 14, 2005 but you will also leave with a bucket of cookie dough.