Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, Everything started out perfect and we mannaged to make it throught the entire holiday. That is except for the turkey.
Yoda decided it would be funny to stuff the turkey with relish, Gross! So not knowing the turkey was filled with relish Anakin, ObiWan, ShaakTi, and I all took a bite. Then we all ended up spitting it in Yoda's face, so really Yoda was right stuffing the turkey with relish and spitting it in Yoda's face was pretty funny.
But If he had stuffed the Pumpkin Pie with Relish, I would have killed him. Man, I cant wait till Christmas.
Somebody gave the Padwans my blog link because they all commented on my last post! Maybe this time i can get Anakin to really slaughter them!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Saving ShaakTi

As you probally already know, ShaakTi was in jail for something she did a long time ago or something like that but I tried saving her yesterday morning for the secound time, the first time they shot me, in my pinky toe, but that was a week ago and Im all better now. I also dived out of a 50 story Window but It hurts to talk about it lets just say ShaakTi and I wont be having any younglings any time soon. Any ways......

I started out with walking up to the Officer at the front desk. I asked him how much it would cost to free ShaakTi, he said 8,945,765 credits but there was no way I had the money so I used a jedi mind trick, easy, I went all the way up to the 50th floor and as I walked through the elevator two more Officers stopped me, another jedi mind trick, " I am not Mace Windu" I said waving my hand, "You are not mace windu" they replied. Then using the force I shoved them to the wall.

I ran over to ShaakTi's cell and sliced through the bars with my Lightsabor. And............................... ShaakTi wasnt there. What? Where could she be? I asked myself. So I went to her house barged through the door and found Shaak Ti sitting peacefully on the couch. She told me the whole story and then we ummm........ Im not going to get into those details eaither.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Poor Anakin

Now I know why Anakin didnt do his assignment last week, because Yoda electricuted him, 15 times. I went and saw him at the hospitial this morning and Padme was there, he was breathing through a machine.

Some things yoda does are funny but he went way to far this time. I took Anakin a Xtra Large Purple Slushie, the 1st season Of Full House, my teddy bear, and a laptop so he can update his blog.

Shame on you Yoda, how would you like to be strapped to a stero and struck by lightining 15 times and then stuck in the hospitial for 2 months and cant even do so much as breath on your own?

Well Anakin I wont count your assignment late because of Yoda, and come to think of it Yoda didnt do the assignment eaither. For your punishment Yoda Im going to leave you in responsibility of feed in Anakin's goldfish, Darth Stormwalker. And if that fish dies your going to go spend 738 credits on a new one.

I also bought Anakin a new stero the most expensive one I could find it was 2387 credits. (more than I spent on 30 people at IHOP).

Well Get well soon Ani. Here is a pic of his new stero... (see top of page)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

My Beloved ShaakTi

I warn you fellow jedi and friends, the deleted scenes on The Revenge Of The Sith extra DVD are horrifiying! Grevious killed my beloved ShaakTi, and now I have to buy a new TV because I stuck my lightsaber throught it, I didnt even get to see the entire 1st deleted scene.

Well If the deleted scenes werent enough I also died, I mean c'mon I could defeat Anakin any day. Then Aayla died, and Ki-Adi-Mundi, and.......and THEY DIDNT KILL YODA! What is this world comming to , I would have killed Yoda first! And the only 2 jedis that lived were Yoda and Obi-Wan, unbelievable. And I was the first to die, typical.

It's all your fault Anakin, Why? YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My Par T results

Well the first one to arrive, Of Course, was Shaak Ti, as we waited for the others to come we made out on the sofa. Then spoiling all of our fun Yoda bargged through the front door and following him was Anakin and following Anakin was a wagon full of Beer. Next was Fluke and Sabe, What they were doing together before they arrived I dont wanna know, but they both appered to be wet. Qui Gon Ginn was next followed by a wagon full of brownies, of course. Aayla and Obi-Wan supprisingly showed up next, with some stupid story about something like running away and getting married, I dont know, it was crazy but Aayla had looked like she gained a bit of weight, her belly appered roundish, hmmmm. Padme, Typho, and Siri walked in at that moment and were already in their pj's. Next was Oola, JawaJuice, and Chewbacca, and thank-god he was the only wookie there. Then eventually by 7:00 everyone had arrived.

We played many games, many 2-player games, many 1 guy, 1 girl games, if you get what I mean, but those came later. The first game we started out with was Twister. I think Anakin actually Twisted something because he was limping on his right foot the entire night. After twister we all sat down and watched The Notebook. But Anakin and Padme were missing the entire time during the movie, I think they were upstairs because I heard some ruckus in one of the guest bed rooms. After the Notebook we played Charades. My team lost because Yoda was immitating driving a car while the card he drew said imitate a lightsaber battle.

Then came the 2-player games. After we all stood in the kitchen and loaded up on beer, (except Aayla, weird she loves beer.) we then went to bed...............hehe! Shaak Ti and I got the master bedroom, Anakin and Padme had already taken one guest bedroom, another guest bed room was being occupied by Obi-Wan and Aayla. And I think Sabe and Fluke got the other bedroom because I saw Fluke lovingly shove Sabe in to the room, he then went in after her locking the door behind him. ( i think theres a new romance going on here). And some 2 people were doing something in the upstairs bathroom, but the only one I saw go in there was Siri.

The next morning, well no one actually stepped foot in to the hallway untill 2:00 pm, Anyways we then all went to IHOP. ( I now regret it because the bill was 1,485 credits.)