Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Character Quiz!

Anakin Skywalker
Watch out for your could get you into trouble the way it did Anakin. You have enormous potential to be a great Jedi, but stress has made the dark side seem that much more inviting...

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I took a quiz to see what character I was most like and somehow I got Anakin! Are you kidding me? Take the test and share your results. Here's the link............(dont use the one above because it only takes you to the site the one below will take you directly to the quiz.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lightsabor battle

About a week ago Anakin and I were trying to get our lightsabor skill up a few points, so we fought eachother but it wasnt too intense atleast we didnt mean for it to be, but I missed Anakin's lightsabor and he almost sliced all the way through my arm, luckily its still attached so that is why I havent posted in a while because it's kinda hard to type with one hand, but Im better now. Man I'm starving, Who wants Pizza?